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Biography - Greg Carter

Greg Carter is a native Atlantan who was exposed to art from an early age. As a young teenager he was able to travel to Europe and while visiting relatives was exposed to European history and artwork. He also credits his father, a graphic designer, illustrator, and fine artist who has been in the art field his entire life. Carterís interest in the arts was maintained through high school where he decided to pursue it as a career in college. After one year at the University of Georgia in 1989, he transferred to Georgia State University in Atlanta. After working two more years at Georgia State, Greg was accepted to the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. At Art Center he majored in illustration and graduated with honors in 1997. Carterís primary subjects include landscapes, cityscapes, and the figure, and he continues to work and explore these genres through experimentation in technique, texture, and paint quality, as well as through the study of such masters as George Bellows, John Singer Sargent, and contemporary Wolf Kahn. His oil paintings are so rich with paint and texture they sometimes take weeks to dry. His style is a wonderful and unique combination of representational, impressionistic and abstract, allowing the viewer to look deeper into the image. The interpretation of one viewer is often different from the other, making his work thought provoking and emotional. In February 2002, Carterís work was introduced to the public at the New York Art Expo where every one of his paintings sold. He is now shown in galleries throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.